Community Health Centers and Health Reform

Community Health Centers of the Central Coast (CHC) is one of over 1,100 federally funded community health centers that play a vital role in ensuring access to health care for individuals and families that are uninsured or underinsured.  While community health centers serve a predominantly low-income population in medically underserved communities*, ever increasing health care costs and the economy have seen many in our communities turn to organizations such as CHC for their healthcare as well.

Community health centers, of which CHC is a part, have long served as a safety net for individuals and families with little or no insurance.  As the Affordable Care Act continues to unfold, we see our role of providing exceptional patient care continuing to expand into communities we serve.

A recent study at Stanford University School of Medicine has shown that the community health center model provides equal or better care for its patients than at private practices (see study article).  Community health centers provided equal care to their private counterparts in 13 of 18 health measures and outperformed them in the remaining 5.  Health centers’ ability to provide comprehensive primary care and improve access to high-quality care while holding down health care cost growth has been well-documented. As health reform spurs coverage expansion and efforts to improve quality, the nation’s reliance on health centers is likely to grow.

Community Health Centers of the Central Coast is prepared to meet the challenge of a changing healthcare population and will continue to fulfill its mission of "providing accessible, affordable, comprehensive & quality healthcare services, through well trained professional staff".

* a low doctor-to-population ratio in a community