CHC Staff Respond to Natural Disaster in the Philippines

On November 8, 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda cut a path of destruction across the central Philippines. With wind gusts up to 235 miles per hour, Haiyan was the strongest tropical cyclone to ever hit land. Reports indicate over 6000 people lost their lives and over 1.9 million were left homeless. According to Mercy Corps, an international development organization, nearly 13 million people were affected in the Visayas region. Those fortunate enough to survive were in immediate need of Medical Services, Safe Drinking Water, Shelter and Food. 

Among the many humanitarian organizations who responded to aid the 1.9 million victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan was a CHC medical team consisting of Dr. Susan Pido, a former CHC Internist; Dr. Venus Tanzo, Pediatrician, CHC Nipomo; Khristiana Villena, Medical Assistant, Nipomo; Lorena Snitchler, Apprentice, Financial Department.
The team returned to their shared country of origin to aid in the relief effort as the Philippines recover from the devastation of the strongest typhoon that has ever ravaged the country. Dr. Tanzo said that the medical team is so grateful for the support of CHC, which sponsored the team’s mission trip. Dr. Tanzo said CHC “allowed the team to extend their help for a good cause in the Philippines. The medical care that [we] provided to the Yolanda Typhoon survivors made an impact on the lives of many Filipinos.” 
Dr. Tanzo said a thousand children and adults received much-needed care, including treatment for infectious diseases as a result of poor sanitation, trauma, and pre-existing conditions. Dr. Tanzo continued, “as a result of the medical mission, two thousand families received relief goods. One hundred  family evacuees from a remote island badly stricken received help. Many more in one way or another felt that hope was given in their lives. In that area of tragedy, Filipinos felt that there is a CHC in the far Central Coast of California that truly cares and made a mark in their lives."

"[We were proud] to be identified as part of this company of professionals that carry the banner here and across the Pacific—‘CHC CARES.’”