CHC to assist Physician Assistants from A.T. Still's University

CHC to assist training Physician Assistants from A T Still’s University School of Osteopathic Medicine at Arizona.
April 27, 2015 - Santa Maria
Community Health Centers of the Central Coast
Community Health Centers of the Central Coast (CHC) will be collaborating with A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine at Arizona to recruit and train top students from the Central Coast who wish to pursue a career in medicine or dentistry and practice in the Central Coast.  This is the “Hometown” program; Community Health Centers of the Central Coast will encourage local students to believe in “Si Se Puede”  (They can do it) , in becoming a physician, dentist or Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner.  The Health Care professional shortage in our nation hits areas like the Central Coast particularly hard.  It is difficult to recruit dentist, physician’s assistant and physicians to medically underserved areas and it is also a challenge to keep them.  An excellent solution is to find community residents who want to become a healthcare professional and return to their hometown community to practice.
In November 2014, Community Health Centers announced that it will collaborate with A.T. Still University and Sierra Vista Hospital and offer a Physician Assistant Graduate Program.  This relationship will begin in August 2015.  CHC serves as 1 of 13 A.T Still University community campuses throughout the United States and this will be CHC’s first year.  CHC has had a longstanding commitment to partner with a major medical school to train healthcare professionals.  We here at CHC also believe in “Si Se Puede”!
*The Master of Science Physician Assistant Degree Program is an entry-level, 26-month program.  The program requires full-time attendance and includes supervised clinical rotations.  Courses are designed with an emphasis on a strong academic foundation and clinical practice. Faculty and staff work closely with students, developing the professional attitudes and clinical problem-solving skills necessary for optimum patient care.  Graduation from the Physician Assistant Program requires successful completion of 14 month didactic and 12 month clinical coursework, passing a summative exam, and a master’s level capstone paper/project. * Note: ASTU website
People interested in finding out more about A.T. Still University or the Physician Assistant Graduate Program offered through CHC should contact Craig Wood, Greg Castle at CHC.